Advanced Treatment

Advanced Treatment

We regularly carry out advanced care to save compromised teeth rather than simply removing them.

This includes:-

Root Canal Treatment

Eliminate infection if a tooth dies this helps to keep the tooth and stop toothache.  Specialised ultra-modern techniques are used for this.


When a tooth has broken and cannot be filled, crowns can help to save weak teeth.  They completely cover the existing tooth and with the new all-porcelain materials available (Procera, Zirconia) can look incredibly life-like.


These are used to fill gaps instead of a removable denture or implants.  They are fixed to teeth either side of a gap and help you to smile, chew and speak normally.


These are removable replacements for missing teeth which are custom fitted around your existing teeth.  They can be made of plastic or the new precision fitting Cobalt chromium “plate”.


We can make an initial assessment for this treatment and advise on the “pros” and “cons”.  This is a hugely specialised treatment and we refer patients to local highly experienced Implant Surgeons for this treatment.  We will then carry out all your normal dentistry and maintain and monitor the implants for you.  Implants are only suitable for certain people with healthy mouths and sufficient bone in which to place them.  They also need careful maintainance.

Sport Mouthguards

We can provide CE standard custom-made mouthguards in a variety of colours and patterns for all sports.

Snoring Appliances

We have supplied and fitted various types of devices such as the Monodevice and the Mandibular Advancement 2 piece device, and use specialist laboratories to custom make these.

Conscious Sedation 

Mark Smith is very experienced in providing this service for nervous patients.  There is an extra cost for this service but it is extremely effective and enables nervous patients to be sedated and relaxed during treatment.

Emergency Treatment

We make time each day for patients requiring emergency treatment whether it is for a broken tooth, a painful tooth, or just reassurance.  We also run a weekend and bank holiday service (am only) on a private basis.  This is via a rota system with other local dentists but means you have cover 365 days a year.