Emergency Treatment

Emergency Treatment


This can be caused by a number of factors – decay, gum infection, a broken tooth, wisdom teeth etc.

Over the counter painkillers can help but please telephone us for an appointment as early as you can.  We will often see you the same day.


Again this can be caused by decay, gum disease or infection.  If it is only around the gums then warm salt water baths may help.

Swelling of the face/cheek requires urgent and immediate treatment.  We will always see you the same day and our out-of-hours rota gives details of the dentist on call 365 days a year.  Failing that you should seek hospital treatment.


Damaged teeth can be repaired with kits available from the Chemist/Supermarket.  Teeth that have been knocked out should be kept in milk and please telephone urgently for further advice.

In Case of Emergency

We make time each day for patients requiring emergency treatment whether it is for a broken tooth, a painful tooth, or just reassurance.  We also run a weekend and bank holiday service (am only) on a private basis.  This is via a rota system with other local dentists but means you have cover 365 days a year.